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These regimes do not completely represent the reality, and especially deviate from the role of a political regime: how to explain that choosing to establish communism promotes pollution? Some “consequences” simply do not fit into the features of a political regime. On the other hand, the primary role of a political regime, which is to elect a leader or a government, is not respected because you are the “master” of your people, and this for several thousands of years, without elections, revolutions, etc.

The Other Options

In addition, the characteristics are not always verified. The developers are, in my opinion, inspired by human experiences to create their schemes. Also, this process has the effect of recreating the experience in the game, regardless of the context which means, for example, that if we play with the Aztecs and we opt for communism, our game will be “distorted” since it is the experience of the USSR (an example) that will be recreated.

  • Conquer his opponents and kill all his units
  • Build a marvel and protect it from attacks by opponents
  • Capture the relics and protect them from assaults by the opponent

Note that if our opponent has built a marvel or possesses relics (which also offer the victory if they remain in our possession long enough), we must invade to destroy the wonder or capture the relics.

  • Concerning the conquest of the cities, we specified that it was necessary to kill all the units of the adversary. Otherwise, if a villager survives, he can start collecting resources and prelaunch his people, the passage through total extermination are mandatory in this case.
  • In the countryside, the objectives can take other forms: to reach a certain place on the map, to join allies, to protect a character, etc. But it is extremely rare that we do not meet an enemy that we would have to exterminate.
  • In conclusion, we will say that it is perhaps possible to learn while playing. However, we must relativize since the games praised for their educational virtues can also convey stereotypes, misrepresentations of real facts, etc.

Video games: an educational tool?

As we have just demonstrated, it is not easy to learn by playing, games not representing the real facts perfectly. However, another question may arise: Can video games be used to teach?

Understand that some teachers could use video games to help them in their classes. This is a medium known to most students, which could give them a more meaningful image than a speech. You can rely on the high quality sites in that case like the Run 3 unblocked.

What is my type of game?

Just as we can all find shoes at our feet, we can all find video games at our brain? Just discover those we like.

People who love action and speed will have fun with shooters or plat formers , those who prefer reflection can spend time on point and click or management games, and there are also massively multiplayer games. It’s interesting to look a little on all types at first, to find his.